Netgear Inc. released a new range of routers and to nobody’s surprise, they were extremely good. These routers not only shine in looks department, but also function extremely well. The amount of lengths this company takes to insure that their customer doesn’t have to worry even a bit about the router is really impressive. These routers are also made to withstand server load work which ensures that in case you ever want to do high performance task, the routers just won’t die out in the middle which will have its consequences on everyone involved. The Netgear routers not only have great features, but it also has a well thought design that makes it easy for the end user to navigate through the router settings. The company even went as far as to use a domain name so people can access the settings of the router without getting confused by a bunch of numbers combined together to form an IP address. This amazing website is To login to the settings, just follow the above steps. Let’s get started with this guide! setup setup

Login page – Netgear R6120-100INS AC1200 Dual-Band Wi-Fi Router

  1. Connect your router with a power adapter and the other end to the wall socket.
  2. Next, attach an Ethernet cable wire into the router and the other end to the computer!
  3. After this, turn on the PC and let the booting complete.
  4. When the computer is booted up, click on the web browser icon to let the browser open up.
  5. Next, you want to open the website OR OR
  6. When this website opens up, look for 2 fields where the website would be asking for a username and password. Enter the designated credentials. (Note: The word “admin” works for both username and password most of the time).
  7. After this, you will have to click the button Login to proceed further.

Voila! You have successfully logged into the Netgear Router R6120 account. Make sure to have a strong password just so hackers cannot have access to the sensitive data present in the computer, or even the Wi-Fi.


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